Air India curtails US operations in view of deployment of 5G communications

Air India has curtailed its operations to and from the United States as a result of the United States’ deployment of 5G communications infrastructure.

“Our operations to the United States from India have been curtailed or revised, with a change in aircraft type, as a result of the deployment of 5G communications in the United States beginning on January 19, 2022. An update in this regard will be provided as soon as possible “According to a tweet from Air India.

United Airlines has stated that the current US government 5G rollout plan will have a devastating impact on aviation, negatively impacting an estimated 1.25 million United passengers, at least 15,000 flights, and much-needed goods and tonnes of cargo that travel through more than 40 of the country’s largest airports each year.

The airlines stated in a statement that when 5G signals are deployed near runways, they could interfere with critical safety equipment that pilots rely on to take off and land in inclement weather.

“We will not, under any circumstances, compromise on safety. However, governments in other countries have successfully designed policies to ensure the safe deployment of 5G technology, and we are simply requesting that the United States government follow their lead. A failure to do so will result in the radio altimeters on certain aircraft, which provide information to other safety systems such as autopilot, heads-up displays, terrain warning, and pitch control, being compromised, resulting in significant restrictions on 787s, 777s, 737s, and regional aircraft in major cities such as Houston, Newark, Los Angeles, and Chicago.”

“The unfortunate reality is that, by 2022, not only will customers across the industry experience hundreds of thousands of flight cancellations and disruptions, but cargo flights into these locations will also be suspended, creating a negative ripple effect on an already fragile supply chain. It is our sincere hope that the Biden administration will act swiftly and implement the same common-sense solutions in this country that have clearly worked so well elsewhere in the world “It was stated.

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