YouTube launches annual plans for Premium, Music Premium in India. Details here

For the first time in India, Google has introduced annual plans for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, which allow users to pay in advance for a 12-month non-recurring subscription to the services.

The plan has also been launched in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Thailand, and Japan, according to the company.

This comes years after YouTube began offering paid subscription models on a monthly and quarterly basis, which were previously unavailable.

Google is currently offering discounted rates on subscriptions until the 23rd of January as an introductory offer. An annual subscription to YouTube Premium is available for £1,159, and a subscription to YouTube Music Premium is available for £889 per year.

YouTube Music premium plans

The amount that users will be required to pay once the offer has expired has not yet been determined.

Users will be able to upgrade to an annual Premium plan by cancelling their existing membership and re-signing up with their new email address. Additionally, when a prepaid plan expires, users will be automatically switched to an annual plan at no additional cost.

Partially refundable subscriptions are not currently in the works; as a result, you’ll need to wait until your current plan expires before upgrading to an annual subscription.

In addition, it should be noted that payment for the new plans will be made on a prepaid basis and will not be recurring in nature. It means that when the user’s original annual plan expires, he or she will have to manually purchase a new subscription.

The YouTube Premium annual plans can be purchased through the Google Play Store and the YouTube website. However, an in-app sign-up option for iOS devices has not yet been implemented by the company.

Until now, Google Premium was available for a monthly fee of $129 USD. The Family Plan, which allows for a joint account to be maintained by five family members, is available for 189 per month. For as little as $79 per month, students can sign up for a monthly subscription, but they will be required to submit to annual verification.

Monthly subscriptions to YouTube Music Premium begin at 99 cents per month, with family plans beginning at 149 cents per month, and individual plans begin at 99 cents per month. Students can sign up for monthly subscriptions for as little as 59 rupees per month.

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