14 Air India flights cancelled amid North America 5G scare

DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) is attempting to resolve the situation, which has resulted in the cancellation of 14 international routes to the United States by Air India. Following the implementation of 5G connectivity in North America, which could result in a reduction in aircraft tracking capabilities, Air India has cancelled 14 flights on … Read more

Air India curtails US operations in view of deployment of 5G communications

Air India has curtailed its operations to and from the United States as a result of the United States’ deployment of 5G communications infrastructure. “Our operations to the United States from India have been curtailed or revised, with a change in aircraft type, as a result of the deployment of 5G communications in the United … Read more

Air India cancels some flights over 5G deployment in US. What we know so far

Air India has curtailed some of its flights to the United States as a result of the launch of 5G internet service in the country starting today. Air India, which operates Boeing 777s to serve four U.S. destinations, announced on Wednesday that those flights would be curtailed or that the aircraft type would be changed … Read more